high performance offline map solutions

About GeoMagik

GeoMagik specializes in high performance geoinformation systems utilizing community driven open data sources.


Include your proprietary data in our apps for free or in-app purchase. Very fast time to market.

White Label

We do full cycle custom app development using OpenStreetMap or proprietary data.


Geographic backend services
and scalable map hosting.



The most advanced geographic technology around, built from the ground up.

Compact Vector Data

Our proprietary vector map format is the most compact and efficient in the industry. It leverages a number of innovative design elements for extremely quick loading and tiny in memory representation while retaining flexibility.

Geographic Precision

With support for variable precision coordinates down to sub-centimeter accuracy, we aim for a pixel perfect display at any map scale.

Data Sources

Can handle OpenStreetMap and proprietary data sources with ease. Powerful in house tools allow for data management and processing.

Vector Map Rendering

The MagikMap Rendering Engine is one of the fastest high quality vector map engines around. Based on OpenGL ES, it can run efficiently on a range of mobile devices. It has been engineered and hand tuned to minimize battery drain.

Geographic Research

Our frameworks are able to quickly access and search massive amounts of map data. Country wide searches can be performed instantly.

Geocoding & Routing

The GeoServices Engine is able to efficiently perform offline routing, geocoding and reverse geocoding on mobile platforms.



Offline Maps & Travel Guides

Most map apps use ‘pre-rendered map images’ requiring a mobile connection & big downloads. We have used a few clever tricks to compress & package our maps to an incredibly small size, making them available offline & without the need for a mobile connection. This gives you access to maps of cities, countries, even the whole world.
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Abe Heckenbach

Founder & Developer

Based in Thailand

Traveling continuously since 2005, Abe quickly saw the need for a comprehensive offline travel tool and begun the technology development for what would eventually become Pocket Earth. He is a dedicated software engineer with a strong background in the industry.


Kal Conley

Founder & Developer

Based in Switzerland

Joining the team early on, Kal is a real OpenGL graphics wizard. He developed the MagikMaps Rendering Engine, one of the fastest and probably the most memory efficient map engine ever. He is an optimization expert, used to analyzing disassembly code and hand tuning implementations to maximize performance while minimizing power consumption.