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Compact Vector Data

Our proprietary vector map format is the most compact and efficient in the industry. It leverages a number of innovative design elements for extremely quick loading and tiny in memory representation while retaining flexibility.

Geographic Precision

With support for variable precision coordinates down to sub-centimeter accuracy, we aim for a pixel perfect display at any map scale.

Data Sources

Can handle OpenStreetMap and proprietary data sources with ease. Powerful in house tools allow for data management and processing.

Vector Map Rendering

The MagikMap Rendering Engine is one of the fastest high quality vector map engines around. Based on OpenGL ES, it can run efficiently on a range of mobile devices. It has been engineered and hand tuned to minimize battery drain.

Geographic Research

Our frameworks are able to quickly access and search massive amounts of map data. Country wide searches can be performed instantly.

Geocoding & Routing

The GeoServices Engine is able to efficiently perform offline routing, geocoding and reverse geocoding on mobile platforms.